The Epoch Enigma – 06/08/2024

The SLC Lunatics Fundraiser Party

The Epoch Enigma | a Time Travel Martyr Mystery

Time Traveler, you’re invited to a Mountain Manor suspended somewhere in time. We need you to unravel a Martyr Mystery. Your enigmatic host has gathered idea makers from history to join us for one Epoch night.

What light did these extraordinary individuals bring into the world, and what made their brilliance so profound that it was extinguished? Please, don’t reveal their fates to our temporal guests.

You don’t want to miss This night complete with a spectacular view of the Salt Lake Valley, and a shining moon. This Fundraiser Party will be one to remember. 

We’ve curated experiences that can only be had at a private residence 😘.

When: Saturday – June 8th / 8PM – 2AM 

Where: Private Location in Cottonwood Heights (Address will be revealed to guests the week of the event)

Live Music & Immersive Experiences!


Kate Chanson / Yax Musika / Ppeaches

+ 1930s Stag Films

+ The Dream Machine Experience

+ Delicious Elixirs & Hors d’oeuvres

+ 3 Magical Artist Lounges

+ Enigmatic Encounters 

+ The Oasis of Sound

+ More Chronological surprises… 

Immersive Art Experiences: Step into a world where art isn’t just seen, but felt and experienced. Wander through interactive installations that blur the line between observer and participant. Engage with performers who bring history to life, and let the environments envelop your senses, transporting you to different eras and realities. This is art that surrounds you, that you become a part of, and that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Expect: An evening filled with mystery, magic, and wonder as you explore the hidden corners of our temporal manor. Encounter live performances that transport you through time, and savor delightful elixirs and hors d’oeuvres crafted to tantalize your senses.

Encouraged Attire:  Which era did you last visit, Time Traveler? Dress from any decade or mix them, even the future. Your story is unique and yours to be told.

Entry  – $55 (This event will sell out, as we have an incredibly exclusive & limited capacity!)

*This is a private event for 21+ only*

The Epoch Enigma

Images from

The Tenth Muse | A Metamorphic Odyssey

Professional Photographer

Photo Booth Pictures

The Time Room

Events with Teaser Trailers? Oh My!

How Do I Reserve My Spot?

This is a private event for 21+ guests only. To become a member of SLC Lunatics, please fill out the form below & purchase your ticket via Venmo for full access to this event. We will then ‘like’ your payment & email you everything you need to know!

  • When: *BEFORE* June 8th 2024 (Friday) by 8:00PM 
  • How: Venmo + Form + Acceptance
  • Who:  Fractional Marketing LLC / @slclunatics on Venmo 

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