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Juliette Camille

Juliette Camille – The Star

Juliette Camille From the first stage performance at age 6, music, art and performance has been a natural way of expression. Through years of dedication and influence from numerous mentors and artists from around the world, she has developed an incredible ear for playing improvisation and entertainment. From country, folk, blues, jazz, rock n’ roll and more, a multi instrumentalist.

Considered to be a musical savant, Juliette has astounded crowds of all ages with her musical skill.

As a wandering musician, this star is sure to inspire and light you up.

Cj & Jax, the Lovers
The Masculine & Feminine

Jax Creative  & Cj Lara The Lovers

This pair, without a doubt, are two of the best in the industry! Since the beginning of Jax’s career, she’s focused on channeling her skill & creativity into meaningful results. You name it, she’ll dance it – & then she’ll do it in the air.

Throw her life-partner (& Tempataxxxions co-founder) into the mix & its game over! Cj is an insane aerialist who knows how to capture an audience with powerful finesse, wit, & charm!

This duo captivates every audience that crosses their path & then has them absolutely begging for more!

Mila Shermann

Mila Sherman – Tarot Reader

Mila is a local tarot reader, astrologer, visual artist, musician, and creative writer inspired by all things mythic and mystical. She strives to offer compassionate guidance to querents through a combination of spiritual channeling, psychological, archetypal, and esoteric knowledge. She is keen on the tarot and astrology of both individuals and relationships, and also dabbles in mediumship.
Clients often report leaving her tarot readings having a profound sense of peace and clarity.


Charlie Shaw – Temperence

Charlie began writing poetry in high school & has been a living as a wordsmith for almost a decade now.

Delving into music, prose, & many forms of dance – Charlie melds a special fusion of spoken word & flow artistry into abundant fruition. 

As Temperence Charlie is going to help you stay balanced!


Wasteland Caravan

Wasteland Caravan – The World & The Chariot

A radically inventive group of multi faceted creatives who offer inspiration for how to thrive in this modern dystopian world.

The Wasteland Art Collective will be creating two Art Installations. The world, and The Chariot. Come and be amazed.

Jade Whitier

Jade Whittier – Death

Jade is a visionary iconoclast, pushing the boundaries of traditional herbalism and exploring the untapped potential of plants.

As the co-owner of Weavers of Balance, Jade’s mission is to revitalize the ancient wisdom of “poisonous” plants and bring it into the modern era. With over 7 years of experience as an accomplished herbalist, Jade’s passion for pharmacology is infectious. He takes great joy in helping others discover the healing power of plants and fostering a deeper understanding of balance within the world.

Jade’s trailblazing work has resulted in a collection of unique and magical products that challenge the conventional notions of light and dark. His creations are a testament to the transformative power of plants and the limitless possibilities of herbalism.

Li Michelle
Your Priestess Awaits

Li Michelle – The High Priestess

Identifying as a Spiritual Aesthete, Li endeavors to imbue a loving warmth, and an elevated visual, visceral charm into all she pours herself into. Currently, those containers include energetic channeling, photography, writing, film production, adornment design, wardrobe styling, event management, and numerous personal mediums.

Li’s passion for creation blooms from her core; residing in human rights, social work, and community connection.

Suspended Stevie – The Hermit

Stevie is a cirque performer with over a decade of experience. Movement has always been a primary passion of Stevie’s & circus artistry has fueled many of her other creative endeavors – including costuming & prop design, glass-etching, judging & competing in aerial acrobatics, modeling, & co-founding a budding non-profit!

Explore more here – @suspendedstevie 

Photographed on film by @btagge during our Sphinx Menagerie event!”

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