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We, the SLC Lunatics, are cultivating marvelous, connective, idiosyncratic events, & experiences, for the curious, artistic, and adventure-seeking people of Salt Lake City.

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A moon over Salt Lake City

Upcoming Events

The 7th Omen – (10/28/2023)

– SLC Lunatics present –THE 7TH OMEN (An Arcane Extravaganza)@ The Clubhouse on South Temple The year is 1931, four years after the strange disappearance of Victoria Aedyn; the rogue archeologist who founded The Ladies Archeological Society. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, she discovered & preserved six of seven occult artifacts rumored to bestow eternal life when used together.  After Victoria’s vanishing act, a cryptic will was found… Following its clues, the famed Dr. Samuel Harcourt, along with the enigmatic club owner, Carl Calloway, & their seemingly misfit crew unearthed the seventh object in the desert of the Great Salt Lake.  While tradition

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