The Oasis of Sound

The Lunatic Lounge Presents | The Oasis of Sound

Step off the beaten path and into The Oasis of Sound, presented by The Lunatic Lounge. Nestled in the vast expanse of the desert at Element 11, this unique acoustic experience invites all to pluck, strum, and strike in an unbridled celebration of musical freedom. Picture an enchanting scene where Weimar elegance meets the bold lines of Art Deco and the flowing forms of Art Nouveau.

The Oasis of Sound is more than just a stage—it’s a sandbox of sonorous exploration. Amidst the sand and stars, a plethora of instruments awaits your touch, from the familiar to the fantastically odd. Each instrument sings a story, amplified softly through the timeworn charm of a Victrola paired with CB microphones and a bullhorn, creating a symphony of the sands.

For those who’ve longed to lose themselves in the magic of music, untouched by the usual limits of preciousness and exclusivity, this project is your playground. We provide not just the instruments but also a filing cabinet brimming with songs and chords—yours to discover and weave into new harmonies.

To keep our musical mirage shimmering, we need your help:

  1. Instrument Donations: Got an odd clarinet, a vintage tambourine, or something even stranger? Check our list and see what could further enrich our eclectic ensemble.
  2. Song Suggestions: Help curate our desert soundtrack. Contribute your favorite tunes and chords to our collaborative collection, ensuring every melody finds its moment under the desert sky.

Join us to craft a tapestry of tones and tales, where every note echoes the spirit of shared creativity. The Oasis of Sound—where music is boundless and every hand can make it sing.

Unique Art Creations

The Vocal Victrola

Step into the spotlight with The Vocal Victrola, an ingenious fusion of vintage charm and modern utility, tailored for the harmonious haven of The Oasis of Sound. In a symphony where instruments can overwhelm, the voice finds its sanctuary through the nostalgic elegance of an adapted Victrola, its innards ingeniously retrofitted with a bullhorn for a touch of old-school amplification.

This classic phonograph is no mere relic; it’s the stage’s centrepiece, equipped with two state-of-the-art microphones, each featuring push-button activation and side-mounted volume sliders. This setup allows vocalists to weave their lyrics seamlessly into the tapestry of acoustic melodies, even when vying with the bold brassiness of a trumpet.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Surrounding this central piece are meticulously crafted acoustic amplifiers, styled in the manner of bygone days yet perfectly poised to enhance every note. Positioned on stands, these amplifiers allow singers to step behind and belt out their tunes, their voices naturally magnified, melding flawlessly with the ambient instrumental cascade.

The Vocal Victrola isn’t just about making music; it’s about ensuring every voice is heard, every note cherished in the collective crescendo of creation. It’s a testament to the power of innovation and the enduring allure of the past, all set against the backdrop of our eclectic musical playground.

The World Of Sound

Dive into The World of Sound, a unique auditory exploration where geography meets melody in the heart of The Oasis of Sound. We’ve reimagined the humble globe, transforming it into an instrument of acoustic wonder. Each of our two globes is intricately etched with sound-making ridges of various textures and depths, designed to produce natural, rhythmic beats as you spin them with your own hands.

Sit down, take a globe in each hand, and find your rhythm. As you rotate these globes, the ridges brush against fixed styluses, each turn crafting a beat that resonates with the pulse of the earth itself. It’s a tactile, immersive experience that allows you to orchestrate your own symphony of spins, a dance of fingers and sound waves.

Adding to the magic, we’ve charted new territory on these auditory orbs. Look closely and you’ll discover a newly etched island, shaped like a crescent moon and aptly named The Oasis of Sound. Nestled in the vast blue of the Indian Ocean on our globes, this mythical island serves as a beacon for seekers of sonic adventure.

The World of Sound isn’t just an activity; it’s a journey. It invites you to spin the globes and weave beats that travel through air, creating a truly otherworldly musical experience.

The Echo Wheel

Introducing The Echo Wheel, a novel fusion of movement and melody that transforms the simple act of pedaling into an auditory experience. This inventive setup repurposes a bicycle not for travel, but for music, with each pedal turn spinning a wheel adorned with carefully placed rainsticks. As the wheel rotates, the rainsticks cascade, releasing a symphony of soothing, natural sounds reminiscent of falling rain.

Designed to engage both the body and the senses, The Echo Wheel invites participants to take a seat and pedal at their own pace, controlling the rhythm and intensity of the soundscape. It’s an interactive installation that blends physical activity with the calming, meditative qualities of acoustic music, perfect for fostering relaxation and creativity in the bustling environment of a festival or outdoor gathering.

The Echo Wheel isn’t just a musical instrument; it’s a journey into the heart of sound itself, offering a unique way to explore rhythm and resonance through the simple, joyful act of cycling. Whether you’re a musician looking to experiment with tempo or a festival-goer seeking a moment of sonic bliss, The Echo Wheel awaits to spin you through waves of aural delight.