Solstice on The Silk Road – 12/16/2023

Winter Moon @ Odd Star Studios

Hark, brave travelers! Let the words of Mystera the skáld summon you to an affair of epic proportions… A spectacle that transcend time, bringing a clash of cultures together; where the air resonates with the promise of interconnected merriment!  

Join us for ‘Winter Moon’ – Solstice on The Silk Road!

When:  Saturday / December 16th / 7:30PM – 2:00AM

Where: Odd Star Studios (509 West 300 North Salt Lake City, UT 84116)

You will be welcomed as honored guests, to our outpost of wonders – Featuring a grand bazaar with magnificent vendors from all walks of life, performative artistry, live music, live animals, & immersive experiences plucked from the tapestry of antiquity. 

Enjoy the sounds of Alec Bang & The Cult Classics, Dune Moss, Annie Platt, Beaux Ellis, Mavi Blue Moon, Dirk Jeffery Lamb, & more… followed by an epic dance party with DJ PFUZZ

Wander through the market, where treasures from distant lands beckon; befriend a stranger, witness the multifaceted magic of immersive entertainment, pay a visit to the High Priestess, dance with storytellers, play with bunnies & goats, indulge in a game of “Pirate Blackjack” (bring trinkets to trade) & marvel at the fantastic, interactive art installations created by Wasteland Caravan, Sophistapirates, Lost Highway Camp, Luna Lovechild, Mavi Blue Moon, & SLC Lunatics

You’ll also get to experience some incredibly mystical projection mapping crafted by David Giardinelli & enjoy an abundance of local food & libations! 

Come indulge, kindred souls, in this glorious solstice soirée & let the spirit of the Silk Road guide you through our realms of enchantment; where differences are embraced & the joy of shared experience reigns! SKOL!

Presale $33 / Final Day $44

*Your ticket buys you a unique piece of Nordic art; & with this comes an invitation to our after-market celebration! 

Encouraged Attire:
Bring your ancestry with you! Indulge in the heritage of your own ancestral backgrounds – be it pagan or otherwise! Or, choose to adorn yourself with your own personal interpretation of what it means to be a free spirit. The goal is to practice cultural celebration – not appropriation. Please be respectful no matter what you choose to wear. 

This is a private celebration for 21+ only; as our theme & innovations are emotionally geared toward an adult audience. Content is PG13 safe (no nudity), but thematically we only allow 21+ patrons of the arts.

Painting by Betty Jiang

But behold, there’s more enchantment in store! Our resident Völva, a High Priestess, shall open a portal into the realm of the Fae!

This Yuletide celebration promises to be a convergence of worlds, where the mundane & magical coalesce beneath the solstice sky.

In the luminous glow of the Winter Moon, let the Spirits spark; creating a truly extraordinary experience for all who embark on this journey with us.

Fun Fact! Viking children would leave their shoes out by the hearth on the eve of the Winter Solstice with sugar & hay for Odin’s eight-legged horse.

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