The Tenth Muse – 04/13/2024

A Metamorphic Odyssey

Brace yourselves for an immersive odyssey steeped in the timeless allure of Greek mythology, as we embark on an adventure that surpasses conventional thought! ⚡️

Step into a realm where the Greek Pantheon comes alive, where deities walk among mortals, & fantastical creatures roam freely!

Amidst this Divine revelry, one figure stands out as the epitome of Elysian inspiration – Sappho, the enigmatic poetess, hailed as the 10th muse. You’ll feel her presence woven throughout the fabric of the evening; her verses lingering in the air like a whispered incantation. ✨

As SLC Lunatics, we pride ourselves on curating events that transcend the ordinary & leave an indelible mark on the hearts of our guests. Trust us when we say, you won’t want to miss this soirée! Prepare to be spellbound & utterly transformed during this incredible night of mythological magic & metamorphosis! Your odyssey awaits… 🧿

Live Music ~

  • Wandering Musicians – Dune Moss, Gerry Fralick, & Beaux Ellis 
  • Yax Musika (DJ Party Slut)
  • JupiBaby (Alyxandri of Venus Riot)
Immersive Performances & Experiences ~
  • Sappho – The 10th Muse
  • Live Burlesque
  • Warrior Aerialists 
  • Hades Underworld 
  • The Dance of Uranus & Gaia
  • Circe’s Elixir Bar
  • Live Shibari w/ The Fates
  • Persephone’s Province 
  • An Encounter w/ Ares

Plus ~

  • Oasis Lounge by Wasteland Caravan 
  • Plato’s Cavern
  • Medusa’s Lair (ft. live snakes)
  • Ask The Oracle
  • Elysian Henna 
  • Promethean Flames  
  • Delicious Eats, Libations (sponsored by Ogden’s Own & Five Wives) & more!

When: Saturday, April 13th / 7:30PM – 1:00AM

Where: Clubhouse / 850 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Encouraged Attire:  Come dressed as your favorite Greek deity, mythological creature, or adorn yourself with a classic toga! 

Presale: $44


Day Of: $55

*Private Event  /  21+



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