The 4th Wish! – 01/21/2023

A Night Inside The Genie's Lamp

POV – You’ve foolishly used all 3 of your wishes! (Turns out, having all the money in the world isn’t all its cracked up to be. Neither is that trophy partner that just didn’t have the smarts you really needed to be delighted… & enhancing your looks and status didn’t impact your soul like you thought it would…)

Lucky for you though, the Genie actually likes you! Thus, they are offering up a 4TH WISH – A Night Inside The Genie’s Lamp! ✨

Join us for a night of wanderlust! Including live performances from sound genie Justin Crawmer, immersive experiences from some of SLC’s best local talent (including the amazing duo behind Temptaxxxions ) & delectable food & beverages provided by our dear friends at Café Juniper

Who will you meet? What will you experience? Will you ever be the same? .…Hopefully not!

When: Saturday / January 21st / 8PM – 1AM 

Where: Church & State / 370 S. 300 E. SLC, UT 84111

Live Performances & Immersive Experiences!   

Encouraged Attire: Anything that evokes The Tales of the Arabian Nights. Please immerse yourself in a character & join us within the story of stories! 

Entry – GA *Presale $40 / Final Day $47 

*Presale access to event membership ends at 8:00 PM on (Friday) January  20th*

How Do I Reserve My Spot?

This is a private event for 21+ guests only. To become a member of SLC Lunatics, please fill out the form below & purchase your ticket via Venmo for full access to this event. We will then ‘like’ your payment & email you everything you need to know!

  • When: *BEFORE* January 20th 2022 (Friday) by 8:00PM 
  • How: Venmo + Form + Acceptance
  • Who:  Fractional Marketing LLC / @slclunatics on Venmo 

Artist Spotlights - The 4th Wish!

Omway Music

Justin Crawmer  ~  The Sound Genie

A drummer for 27 years, but he discovered his passion & distinct medicine with sound through his own personal journey; which led him to the magic of tongue drums, hang drums, & sound healing.

Following his obsession with soundwave frequencies, harmonics, overtones, energy, & vibrations – Justin has spent nearly a decade working extensively in medicine ceremonies & his skills have led him to conducting sound meditations, facilitating (reiki-infused) sound healing sessions, & plays live music with a variety of yoga/breathwork mentors. 

His band, Omway, just released their first album in November 2022 with another scheduled to release in 2023! 

Luna Lovechild ~ Blessed by Scheherazade

One of the most whimsical & artistic stylists in SLC – Luna creates absolutely magical realms of flight & fancy. If you haven’t been to Odd Star Studios yet, then you’re missing out on Luna’s legendary ‘Closet’.

Not only has she influenced her community, but also the aesthetic of local businesses; such as Blue Boutique.

Luna brings wonder wherever she goes & her installations have been described as “Arabian Nights meets Alice in Wonderland”.

Photo by Todd Collins

Mavi Blue Moon ~  The Tea Genie 

Blue is a beautifully unique human being. She is a talented artist, ethereal vocalist, & an incredible delight to be around. She is always serving up poignant questions, but she’ll also be serving a variety of tea inside the Genie’s Lamp!   

**Please, do not touch The Tea Genie without asking. (even if you know her) Please do not bring any flashing lights near her & be respectful & kind. In return, she will enchant you with blessings from her lips & tea from her table.

Jax Creative  & Cj Lara Star -Crossed Lovers

This pair, without a doubt, are two of the best in the industry! Since the beginning of Jax’s career, she’s focused on channeling her skill & creativity into meaningful results. You name it, she’ll dance it – & then she’ll do it in the air.

Throw her life-partner (& Tempataxxxions co-founder) into the mix & its game over! Cj is an insane aerialist who knows how to capture an audience with powerful finesse, wit, & charm!

This duo captivates every audience that crosses their path & then has them absolutely begging for more! 

Arielle Miller  & Mad Hatter Alfie ~ Love Genies

Cirque & flow artist, Arielle brings the spark to every space she inhabits. With years of experience, this pyro will share the fire that burns inside her as she soars into the night. Follow her, as she seeks to reclaim her soul-mate whom has been long since kept from her. 

Embarking on the same quest – you’ll find Mad Hatter Alfie. Such as the bright Arielle, this multifaceted acro-genie, must discover his way back to her. His heart yearns for true love, but a myriad of obstacles stand in his way… 

Will his bravery reunite him with his love? 

Come find out.

Tristan Thomas aka ‘Killabee’  ~  Sinbad

One of Utah’s premiere B-Boys, strong men, acro dancers & all around sweetheart – Killabee shows up with a stoic veracity & will surely have even the most bashful babes & cursed hearts swooning!

Charlie Shaw ~ The Light Genie

Charlie began writing poetry in high school & has been a living as a wordsmith for almost a decade now.

Delving into music, prose, & many forms of dance – Charlie melds a special fusion of spoken word & flow artistry into abundant fruition. 

We welcome you to engage with this beautiful Light Genie during The 4th Wish, where she will entice you into connecting with your own light!

Suspended Stevie – The Sorceress

Stevie is a cirque performer with over a decade of experience. Movement has always been a primary passion of Stevie’s & circus artistry has fueled many of her other creative endeavors – including costuming & prop design, glass-etching, judging & competing in aerial acrobatics, modeling, & co-founding a budding non-profit!

Explore more here – @suspendedstevie 

Photographed on film by @btagge during our Sphinx Menagerie event!

Her sorceress skills will leave you ensorcelled and “buzzing”

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