The 7th Omen – (10/28/2023)

- SLC Lunatics present -
THE 7TH OMEN (An Arcane Extravaganza)
@ The Clubhouse on South Temple

The year is 1931, four years after the strange disappearance of Victoria Aedyn; the rogue archeologist who founded The Ladies Archeological Society. Unbeknownst to her colleagues, she discovered & preserved six of seven occult artifacts rumored to bestow eternal life when used together. 

After Victoria’s vanishing act, a cryptic will was found… Following its clues, the famed Dr. Samuel Harcourt, along with the enigmatic club owner, Carl Calloway, & their seemingly misfit crew unearthed the seventh object in the desert of the Great Salt Lake. 

While tradition dictates that such a treasure should be housed in a museum, Calloway & Dr. Harcourt chose a more unorthodox path… The seventh item would be unveiled to the public under a full moon during an arcane extravaganza. Enthusiastically declaring, “It will be a Hallows Eve celebration like no other! A feast for only the most curious minds across various disciplines!” 

The gala was to be held at The Ladies Archeological Society, harboring itself, a secret Dark Room & the resting place of the remaining six supernatural relics… What type of elite minds would crawl from the corners to attend & would their intentions be pure? What be in store for the unsuspecting guests? Could the rumors of these seven omens possibly be true? Will we ever learn what happened to Victoria Aedyn? 

Join us for an ominous evening filled with phantasmagoric spectacles & immersive experiences!

* Witness the magic of over 20+ immersive actors & movement performers, including the burlesque stylings of the one-&-only Madazon Can Can

*Live jazz band accompanied by local rap artist, Tyler Reese

* Creature Encounters 🐍🕷️

* Epic dance party with 3 live DJs – each with their own distinct sound & vibe! ( Lore / DJ Party Slut / DJ 4Eye)

* Haunted Hot Tubs 

* Unique art installations paired with interactive experiences

* Delicious Libations & much more!

When: Saturday / October 28th 🌕 / 7:30PM – 1 AM

Where: The Clubhouse on South Temple

850 East South Temple / Salt Lake City 84102

Encouraged Attire: Feel free to wear your preferred Halloween costume or dress to theme! 1930s high society, archeologists/scientists/botanists, steam punk, etc… (This should go without saying – but please be respectful, no matter what you choose to wear) 

Entry: Presale $44 / Final Day $55

*There will be a full service cash/credit bar*

*This is a private event for 21+ only* 

*Presale access to event membership ends at 8:00 PM on (Friday) October  27th*

Madazon Can Can
Madazon Can-Can as Dr. Samuel Harcourt
The last known photograph of Victoria Aedyn…

How Do I Reserve My Spot?

This is a private event for 21+ guests only. To become a member of SLC Lunatics, please fill out the form below & purchase your ticket via Venmo for full access to this event. We will then ‘like’ your payment & email you everything you need to know!

  • When: *BEFORE* October 27th 2023 (Friday) by 8:00PM 
  • How: Venmo + Form + Acceptance
  • Who:  Fractional Marketing LLC / @slclunatics on Venmo 

How Do I Reserve My Spot? (Eventbrite)

We are also Using Eventbrite for this event. You will have to pay eventbrite’s fees, but they have many payment options besides only Venmo.

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